Our Brands

Collaborate With Influential Brands

Amar Digital owns and operates brands with reach and influence in the travel, food and men’s grooming spaces.

Gap Year Escape

Gap Year Escape started in 2009 and documents an eight year, seven continent, 50+ country adventure. Gap Years are no longer exclusively taken pre-university and professionals on career breaks and even seniors partake. Gap Year Escape covers a range of topics from hostels and luxury resorts to relaxation and adventure sports.

Suave Grooming

Suave Grooming offers premium grooming and skin care products for men. Our goal is to arm our customers with the best style and grooming advice to elevate them into the quintessential dapper gent.

Amar Eats

Amar Eats is an Instagram influencer account in the food space. It documents one man’s quest to avoid being hangry. Amar Eats is regularly invited to review food events and establishments from fine dining to street food which is shared with its following.